Semper Interiors is a bespoke interior design studio focused on sustainability. We are based in New Farm, Brisbane

Semper  (ˈsɛmpə) 

- always

At Semper Interiors our design ethos is a commitment to creating environmentally conscious, sustainable, bespoke, and timeless interiors. We create designs that look to the future and  deliver a sensory experience that grows richer with time. Semper Interiors is based in Balmain, Sydney are we service all over the Greater Sydney Region and surrounding areas. 


Our experience in bespoke residential, hospitality and commercial interiors has given us the know-how and expertise to deliver exceptional design to a wide-range of clients. Our approach to sustainability comes from a commitment to supporting and collaborating with local suppliers, designers, creators and artisans on our projects to achieve our client’s vision. 


Our process is both conceptual and functional, and is always done with our clients’ brief at the forefront of our design. Ultimately, our clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We place great importance on attention to detail and thoughtfully curating an interior to suit all of our clients needs.

As lovers of design we are always looking for projects that challenge. us to use our creativity and passion to the fullest. We look forward to working with you and sharing in your investment in your home, space, business and life. 


"I asked Amelia at Semper Interiors to assist with the interior design of my parents’ house which was being renovated for the first time in 30 years.  She quickly got across all the requirements of the project, she went above and beyond with my parents, trades and me, and her designs were a great balance between aesthetically pleasing and functional for a couple who are in their 70s.  I would not hesitate to recommend her or the team at Semper." - James, Issacs House 

Amelia from Semper Interiors has been an invaluable support over the course of both our kitchen and bathroom renovations. Her eye for detail, her focus on quality and sustainable materials and her stylish aesthetic have given me confidence in my choices and contributed to a beautiful and unique result. - Kathy, One-Off Design Consultation 

If you have any further questions about who we are and why we do what we do please get in contact: