Designing Sustainable Restaurants for Ethical Food and Interiors

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This week, I’m writing about Silo Restaurant in London, headed by chef Douglas McMaster and designed by Nina+Co. Given the times we find ourselves in, it’s difficult for us to get out for a local meal, let alone to go to another country! That said, I couldn’t resist writing about Silo, as what happens there is fantastic in so many ways.

The team at Silo set out to create zero waste with their food. This includes using every possible cooking ingredient in their recipes, like using vegetable offcuts for smoothies. A lot of the ingredients are also made in house, reducing their environmental impact even more. Any food left over is fed into an onsite composting machine. In my personal life, I’ve always made decisions with food and what I eat to minimise the effect my consumption has on the environment. Silo do this in an amazing way, and still manage to make delicious food and drink.

The restaurant itself was designed Nina+Co. Their brief was to design a space that matched with Silo’s sustainability focused ethos – very different from the modern trends of short-term fit outs that only last a couple of years. Much of Silo’s interior was crafted with recycled plastics, recycled glass bottles and mycelium (the vegetable part of fungi). There were some even more amazing ideas, like pine-needle fibreboard, reusing potato waste and seaweed fabrics, that were not quite ready for Silo’s commercial space. We can only hope that more hospitality venues take a leaf out of Silo’s book and utilise longer-lasting, sustainable and recycled products and designs in their fit outs.

If you ever get a chance, which may not be for a little while, we definitely recommend you give Silo a visit, so you can be amazed by their food, drink and design the same way the team at Semper is.

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