How to wash your hands in a sustainable way amidst a pandemic with Lachlan Spencer

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

There has been a lot of talk in 2020 about keeping our phalanges (AKA fingers & hands) clean. Washing your hands has been discussed a lot that one of the most effective ways to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. I've created an internal monologue counting system while washing my hands, along with the phrases don't touch your face, don't touch your nose. When leaving the house, the check list goes phone, wallet, keys and it includes hand sanitiser. I now also find myself staring aimlessly at the taps for a lot longer these days so I thought I'd make a list of some companies making moves in the sustainable bathroom space.

1. Sussex Taps

Sussex Taps are a home-grown company based out of Melbourne and are one of the only in Australia to have their own in-house melting foundry. Every time a tap is meticulously hand-carved onsite from solid brass there is approximately 80% wastage, this is called swarf. Having an in house melting foundry means they're able to recycle swarf back into a solid brass form ready for production again. Bonus behind the scenes; Sussex have installed 2000Sm of solar energy onto the factory roof and have a long-term goal to be carbon neutral with ISO 14001 (environmental management system)!

2. Brodware

Brodware has over 5 decades of manufacturing experience nestled down into a range of beautifully crafted tapware that's made to last a life time. The high efficiency of their products exceeds their obligations to government and environmental regulations. Each product is carefully selected with the earth in mind using only materials which have a low impact on the environment. Brodware’s Broclean water management technology uses constant flow controls that are not affected by pressure.

3. United Products

United Products offer a range of wet area artefacts for both contemporary and classic spaces. Crafted in Melbourne from industry excellence, each design is made with intention and precision marrying function and elegance. They've developed a closed loop, low energy manufacturing process. When and if the time comes when your item is no longer needed it can be ground down and repurposed into new materials! LOVE THAT FOR THE EARTH!

4. Concrete Nation

Typically, concrete production is one of the top producers of carbon emissions within construction, however, Concrete Nation is here to change that. Their goal is to create "ethical, high-quality products that were safe for our clients and the environment”. Running a handmade approach workshop out of Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, last year they transitioned to 100% solar energy and set up a recycled water filtration system to dramatically reuse their water supply and reduce waste. On top of that all their handcrafted products use only natural colour oxides that have a zero VOC.

Now when your washing your hands and counting in your head One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi you can do it know your bathroom is also helping the environment a little!

If you are interested in how we can help you make your home or business more environmentally conscious and beautifully designed please get in touch at

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Hi! I’m Lachlan Spencer and I’m a digital UX/UI designer pixel pushing for the last eight years working for brands like Youfoodz & Topdeck Travel. After a two year stint visiting Queen Lizzie, living and working in London and exploring around Europe I’ve recently moved back to the motherland - Brisbane, Australia.

A friend once told me that living sustainable is a personal journey for everyone. I’m three years into my journey and I am relatively new to this thinking, but with education and a passion for a better planet I’m making decisions everyday that will make a difference for the future and I love sharing these with other like-minded people!

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