Spotlight On: Brickworks; Going green & embracing the Australian summer with designer solar panels

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This month our feature 'Spotlight' on Australian company Brickworks and the amazing sustainable innovations they are producing. The negative impacts of the construction industry have been a running theme in the Semper Blogs. However, our goal is to educate and introduce as many products, designers, and materials that are doing their bit to counteract the damaging effect we are having on our planet without compromising aesthetics.

Brickworks Building Products is also an umbrella company for many of the world’s best-known building material brands. Their products include clay bricks and pavers, concrete masonry blocks, retaining wall systems stone, cement, precast concrete panels, concrete and terracotta roof tiles, timber battens, terracotta facades and specialised building systems.

Brickworks has taken up the sustainability challenge put forward to all designers, architects, builders, suppliers and makers – they are actively pursuing a reform of their products and processes to save the earths precious resources. They are aiming to tackle their footprint starting at the quarry to the sales office. ‘The ultimate aim of our programs is to do more with less: higher output, higher quality, less raw materials, reduced energy consumption, and lower emissions.’ – Brickworks Sustainability statement.

One of their recent, innovative, and environmentally friendly endeavours is the roof tile and solar panel brand, Bristile Roofing; a successfully integrated system that has been developed with aesthetics in mind. This is the perfect product for homeowners as the stylish, and discreet design allows it to blend in perfectly to roof tiles and is a great way to take advantage of the often harsh Australian environment. Not only are the solar panel tiles good for the earth, great to look at but installing your own energy supply is one of the best ways to save a bit of cash!

The Bristile Roofing solar roof tile while understated and sophisticated the product is now even more sustainable than before. The tiles are designed to be offer an alternate to people who want to make their home more eco-friendly but still want their home to be aesthetically pleasing. It is made from tempered glass and is available in either ceramic or concrete roof tiles.

Have we sold you on solar panel tiles yet? Well, you might want to take a seat for this – the Bristile Roofing solar roof tile can all be managed from your iPhone! The tiles offer an advanced solar roofing system tailored to suit your home, energy needs and budget. The monitoring system shows the power generation and usage for your property and optimises the system for the best performance. The system does this through refined algorithms that track the Australian weather data, the usage patterns of your home and even the local electricity pricing.

Bristile’s energy efficient tiles have made it even more accessible for individuals to create a sustainable life that is still ‘fashionable’ – this is the message we here at Semper want to spread and it’s so inspiring for us to see so many design companies getting on board with the same ethos! We think the future or sustainable living is looking bright and most definitely beautiful.

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