Where to find custom and locally designed furniture in South East QLD and Northern NSW

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

You might have heard me mention in previous blogs that one of the easiest ways to help reduce your carbon footprint in your renovation or home build is it use local suppliers, trades and interior designers. My favourite thing about using local designers is their pieces are unique, the process of the creation is usually transparent and of course the less transportation required the carbon footprint of the product is reduced. It can be fairly time consuming finding local furniture designers who fit into your home, office, café or restaurant. I am fairly new to Brisbane so I’ve had to a do a lot of my own research into local suppliers. I’ve decided to compile a list of a couples of a couple of my favourite furniture designers from South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Brisbane // Ferrier Furniture

Ferrier Furniture is family owned, locally designed and created in Brisbane – in fact their entire production is completed with 10km of their workshop. Their furniture can be found all over Australia and in some very popular Brisbane venues and showrooms such as Mr Percival’s, ARC Dining and Wine Bar, the Armadillo showroom, The Boundary Hotel, and an eco-lodge, Three Capes Lodge in Tasmania.

Their ethos is to create a sustainable focus to every aspect of their process and production. Because they love to use local materials and supporting local businesses they love to use native Australian timbers as much as they can. All of the timber used in their furniture is either grown in a plantation or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. Their sustainability approach doesn’t stop there, they strive to ensure the longevity of their products by minimising their waste and environmental footprint.

Last but not least in the reason Semper Interiors love Ferrier Furniture so much is every chair, stool and table is made to order (and can be completely customised with different timber and powder-coat options). They also collaborate with architects and interior designers to create custom pieces of projects all over Australia.

Byron Bay // Tigmi Trading

Tigmi Trading is a beautiful store opened by Danielle McEwan, the brains and eye behind Newrybar Merchants (also in Byron Bay). Tigmi Trading sources artisanal, one-off rugs, furniture, lighting, and art. The name Tigmi means ‘my home’ in the Berber dialect and all of the curated pieces in the store are sourced from around the world.

Danielle has strong relationships with her suppliers, she values craftsmanship, objects with character, high-quality, one-off and handmade pieces. She constantly strives to find unique and new pieces that can be sourced sustainably and are made using traditional methods of production. For us here at Semper Interiors we believe the true meaning of luxury is unique-ness and acquiring items that only you own.

At Tigmi Trading they believe that our homes tell a story and layering your home with unique pieces will enhance and add to your everyday life. Their aesthetic is inspired by the idea of escape, simple sophistication combine with timeless vintage pieces, layered with elements of modern design. ‘Our hope is that each Tigmi Trading object will add warmth & beauty to the modern home for years to come’ – Tigmi Trading.

Mullumbimby // JD.Lee Furniture

JD. Lee Furniture is a sustainability focused furniture design business from Mullumbimby and the brain of industrial designer, Jeremy. Jeremy’s background is in industrial design, and the manufacturing industry. He recognised a need for a holistic approach to the furniture industry and how the production process can impact the footprint of each product.

Each piece of furniture is created using natural products and materials, the timber Jeremy uses comes ‘straight from the place it was felled, to the mill to be turned into planks and seasoned for use’. Before production of each piece is carefully planned and designed so all of the required materials can be accounted to minimise waste, excessive cost and energy out-puts (this process includes storage, packaging and transportation) to decrease the impact on our environment.

JD. Lee Furniture’s approach to the design and manufacturing of their products adopts simple design principles, durability, durable materials, and quality craftsmanship. The environmental impact of storing and transporting large furniture so all of the pieces are created to be disassembled. Being both the designer and manufacture Jeremy can eliminate as much waste as possible and recycling waste into other products.

The JD. Lee Furniture design ethos is very aligned with our own, create products/spaces that can be kept and created to last so waste is reduced and our carbon footprint minimised.

Maroochydore // Things of Metal and Wood

Things of Metal and Wood is a bespoke, handmade, and locally designed and made furniture store in Maroochydore. All of the furniture is designed by Paolo Baretta, who has 23 years as both a designer and craftsman. Not only is the furniture designed in Maroochydore but Paolo sources the steel, aluminium, stainless steel and hardwood timber locally as well. I’m going to sound like a broken record but using locally sourced materials, designers and products is an easy and effective way to decrease your carbon footprint!

Paolo is also very involved with designing his clients custom furniture. Unlike many furniture stores whose customised furniture range has minimum orders, fees and guidelines, Things of Metal and Wood is completely customisable. Using responsibly sourced, quality materials you can create exactly what you need in exactly the right dimensions – furthermore the furniture will be assembled on site to ensure it fits perfectly.

This is a very compressed list of some of my favourite local furniture suppliers near me, however, there are so many talented, conscious designers at our doorstep – please reach out if you need some help to find someone near you. Especially with all of the craziness of 2020 it is so important to support small and local business supporting other local businesses!

If you are interested in how we can help you make your home or business more environmentally conscious and beautifully designed please get in touch at hello@semperinteriors.com.au.

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